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Brunchin’ and Brews at Barnside Brewing: Expedition to Ladner, BC

March 4, 2024

Let me tell you about the time my friends and I, led by our gastronomic compass @FatPantsForever, embarked on a brunch adventure so epic, it could make a morning person out of the most devoted night owl. Our destination? Barnside Brewing in Ladner, BC, a place that’s more hidden gem than needle in a haystack, nestled amidst the charm of farmland. With ample parking and an extra lot across the street for overflow (yes, even for your friend who insists their compact car needs two spots).

FatPantsForever excited about self serve coffee

Upon arrival, the scent of self-serve coffee from Oughtred Coffee, a local gem, greeted us—our caffeine radar went off before we could even get our bearings. The clock hadn’t struck 2 pm yet, so we indulged. And then, as if brunch wasn’t already an institution, we washed it down with a seasonal beermosa that whispered sweet nothings of sour beer, sparkling wine, and orange juice. Divine.

Barnside Brewing brunch dishes and beermosas

The food? Oh, the food. It’s like Barnside Brewing consulted my dreams before setting their menu. The Avocado Toast was not just a dish; it was a masterpiece of avocado & feta on sourdough, topped with poached eggs and caraway pickled onions—a symphony of flavors. Then there was the Breakfast Hash, a hearty ensemble of waffle potatoes, chorizo, and eggs that danced under a drizzle of herbed vinaigrette. And let’s not forget the Shakshouka and Farmhouse Grilled Cheese Sandwich—each a testament to Barnside’s culinary wizardry.

Farmhouse grilled cheese sandwich

But here’s the kicker: amidst the clinking of glasses and the symphony of brunch flavors, well-behaved children and dogs added to the ambiance. It was like a live-action painting of pastoral harmony. And on this particular day, Barnside Brewing wasn’t just serving brunch; they were hosting a puppy adoption event with Endless Pawsabilites Rescue Society. Yes, you could sip on your beermosa and lock eyes with a furry friend named Nacho, who was about to find a new home with Amy from Vancouver Island. Talk about brunch goals!

Amy & adopted puppy named Nacho

In short, Barnside Brewing isn’t just a brewery. It’s a Sunday-only brunch haven, a pet-friendly paradise, and a testament to Ladner’s understated cool. Whether you’re there for the avocado toast that’ll make you rethink every life choice that led you to eat anything else, or for a beermosa that gently nudges your taste buds awake, Barnside is the place to be. So, lace up your brunch boots, bring your appetite, and maybe—just maybe—leave with a new four-legged friend. Cheers to that!

  • Barnside Brewery silos
  • Micro brewery equipment from Barnside Brewing
  • Inside Barnside Brewing
  • Child with parents sitting at bar insde Barnside Brewing

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