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Egg Bomb – Brunch In Downtown Langley

February 18, 2020
Egg Bomb Coffee House in Langley exterior shot

Egg Bomb. Langley. Imagine the Trumps, Putins, and Jong Uns of the world stockpiled arsenals of eggs and battles were fought and won in the kitchens of the world, the losers walking away quite literally licking their wounds just vibing on that yummy Yolk-oh. Now that’s some John Lennon ish right there.

Egg Bomb restaurant interior
Egg Bomb

Grey-themed right down to the patron’s jackets, Egg Bomb wins over hearts and minds the moment you walk through the door with their militantly modern design and friendly (South) Korean servers.

Brunch menu items at Egg Bomb in Langley
Brunch is served at Egg Bomb!

“No need for greed or hunger” indeed…you’ll be completely satiated when you walk out of Egg Bomb.

Fighter French Toast with Serrano ham, maple syrup and dusted with pwdered sugar

First up on the front-line we have the The Fighter French Toast ($10), armoured with ultra thin slices of serrano ham, corners flanked with bocconcini balls. The poached egg crown sat proudly atop the Fighter, oozing yolk which, when mixed with the maple syrup and a sprinkle of powdered sugar created an incredibly delectable sauce for the light n fluffy golden-brown French Toast base.

Avocado Egg Forest; egg salad and avocado on bread with a salad
Avocado Egg Forest

The Avocado Egg Forest ($9) was the only meatless menu item we tried, so if you’re a lacto-ovo-vego whatever this might be right up your alley. Your basic avocado toast spruced up with a scoop of some serviceable egg salad. The side salad had a Japanese-type sweet ginger dressing with feta cheese.

Avo Addict menu item, an egg in the shape of an apple and topped with a real apple stem sitting in an avocado half-shell covered in hollandaise sauce with a cream cheese-filled and bacon-covered avocado half in the background
Avo Addict

By far the cutest dish of the day, the Avo Addict ($8.50) was a unique eggs benny on one side with half the avocado serving as an English muffin smothered with Hollandaise and filled with an apple-shaped egg replete with stem and leaf. The other half was filled with cream cheese hidden under strips of crispy bacon. The conflicting textures on this side were a hit all around, and the visual appeal of the egg kept the cameras clicking.

Matt from Surrey Eats holding an Egg Bomb sandwich with grilled prawn skewer in it
Grilled Prawn Egg Bomb Sandwich

Egg Bomb’s sandwich menu is made from light and fluffy Asian-style thick toast and plentiful amounts of gooey cheese and sweet house-made Korean mayo. The Grilled Prawn Sandwich ($9) was topped with three large prawns on a stick over a bed of scrambled egg filling. We were quite pleased with the outcome as you can see!

Top-down view of Bacon and Double Cheese Egg Bomb Sandwich drizzled with mayo
Bacon and Double Cheese Egg Bomb Sandwich

The Bacon and Double Cheese ($8) had even more gooey goodness, the only drawback being the last few bites which were a bit too saucy, but YMMV depending on your love of mayo. It’s definitely top notch, with a pronounced honey taste to it.

Three drinks from Egg Bomb in Langley

Last but not least, the drinks were fun, fruity, and photogenic af. I didn’t partake but left to right we have the Sky Latte ($4.50) with blue Curacao, Grapefruit Ade ($5.45), and Forest Latte ($4.70) with matcha.

Craig of Fraser Valley Eats holding a coffee from Egg Bomb

Final word from Craig: we filled up five people with leftovers for $60. Egg-cellent value, and that’s no yolk.

Plenty more pretty pics on the restaurant’s website.


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